Sunday, July 14, 2013

Welcome back to my blog, NEW life and many new posts!

I won't bore you with all the details, but after a four year journey with MANY doctors and surgeries, a definitive diagnosis of celiac disease on June 13, 2013 has changed my life forever. Although life altering, this disease is not life threatening, even reverses damage already done, if you eat the proper foods and stay away from the unsafe foods! The list of what you CAN eat as a celiac is much longer than what you CAN'T eat. Puts it in perspective. There will always come times that certain foods will be hard to resist, but when you know the consequences last for days, it's not worth it, and eating good food has become quite enjoyable! Enough of that, I mentioned how it reversed damage already done, my hand had deformed to a point I was not able to cut with scissors or use a knife in the kitchen, it just wasn't safe. I am proud to announce that two weeks into the gluten free diet, this has actually allowed my hand to straighten my three right fingers, and use a knife and a pair of scissors again. Living proof that gluten free DOES help with inflammation issues, no matter what the cause, mine came from Rheumatoid arthritis. {Celiac information}
This brings me to an honored position as a Guest Designer this month, for two posts, on a very FUN online store/blog/online video instruction. Flamingo Scraps has been a part of my life for many years, as a store, online video instructions with kits available in the store, and best of all, excellent customer service! Look for the post, live on Flamingo Scraps at midnight 7/15, and live here at 6 AM!!! Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing MANY more posts along the way!

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